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Slovenian League against Epilepsy


Is the most common neurological disease. To have it means to have epilepsy seizures which can take different forms. It affects 1% of people of all races and social classes.
Cause of the disease and symptoms are extremly diverse. The causes may be due to brain injury, infections, bleeding, tumors, alcohol, certain metabolic disorders and heredity.
Seizures are divided into two categories: seizures which disrupt the function of the brain as a whole (genealized seizures) and seizures which disrupt the function of only part of the brain (partial seizures).
Accurate diagnosis may only be made by medical doctor who deals this disease. We treat it with medications. It is very important that people with epilepsy regulary take prescribed medicines and follow instructions for healthy living. People with epilepsy are able to do most physical and mental activities, be employed, do sports, etc., however they must account certain limitations.

Slovenian League against epilepsy
Ulica Stare pravde 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: + 386 1 432 93 93
Email: epilepsija@epilepsija.org

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